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10 Factors needed for a successful Migration Strategy

As companies learn and evolve into faster & more productive organisations, they realise that upgrading their legacy applications is the first thing to do. Migrating legacy applications is an efficient way to build on a system that’s been created and customised for many years. However, the process can seem tedious for many companies. To begin… Read More

Application deployment on Azure using Visual Studio

Pre-requisites The following are the list of things required before going ahead with Azure deployment. a. Azure Subscription b. Type of deployment – Web site or Cloud service c. Storage account as per requirement Azure Subscription is required to work with Azure. Using Azure subscription, you will be able to create and manage user applications… Read More

Cloud For IoT

IoT application benefits immensely if it can get cloud to work, and cloud evolves everyday to better serve IoT The IoT world is fast recognizing the edge, that integration with cloud can provide to the business. The challenge lies in pursuing the course at the cost of time, and skills investment. Its more logical, and… Read More

DockerCon 2017: Highlights

Here are some of happenings around DockerCon 2017 that caught our attention   1. Availability of Oracle software on Docker containers: This availability of the Oracle software on Docker solution was significant for two reasons – One of the largest enterprise software maker in the world announced support for Docker & made their database docker… Read More

2016 saw us go through a gamut of changes with our technologies, positioning, strategies and people. We re-find ourselves much more equipped and ready to step into the new year and make a positive difference to our clients. We are brimming with young people and their ideas which we have turned into products!! We talk… Read More

The reason some companies find it possible to easily render their business to the market demands, is because they follow some processes enabling them to remain relevant in today’s world. There is no one size fits all, but we will explore some of the most successful ones. To that effect I wanted to put out… Read More

Getting started with Git: A widely-used version control system I remember when I was completing my graduation; my teacher once explained our class “Project Development Life Cycle” with examples. Few of them are waterfall model, prototype model,etc in which we have to follow traditional way in order to complete the project step by step. But… Read More

Walkthrough: Setting up build pipeline with Amazon EC2 Container Service and Jenkins EC2 Container service Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a highly scalable, fast, container management service that makes it easy to run, stop, and manage Docker containers on a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.So how do we use ECS so as to… Read More